12,000 tonnes. That’s the number of grapes we process each vintage, offering our customers flexibility in production volumes, styles and wine varieties. Our large crop allows us to easily produce wine for the bulk buyer.

From little things, big things grow. We were built to produce premium wines in small batches, and in doing so have built a facility of considerable size. This flexibility allows us to switch between boutique and large scale production, managing any stage of the wine process - from sourcing the fruit, to bottling the finished product.

15,000 barrels. Six million bottles. That’s the number our one acre sized barrel hall can hold. With these facilities we can offer flexible and tailored contract winemaking services to local growers, producers, and corporate partners.

It’s not here that our appreciation for a drop or two ends. We produce other craft category beverages such as cider, ginger beer and RTD’s; tailored to our customers needs. We also have our very own ciders available to be enjoyed by one, or many.

LCW source the finest ingredients

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